Deepak Akkil

Some words about Me

Hello, I am a UX designer and HCI Researcher

I have a very simple approach to design and problem solving. I believe in fast, iterative and data-driven design. Break down complex problems into smaller and simpler components, use prototypes of appropriate fidelity as learning tools to study the experiences in its context. Make minimalistic changes and measure its impact on UX. Synthesize the insights and iterate on the design until you cannot get any better.

I recently finished my doctoral studies in Interactive Technology at Tampere University. I started my doctoral studies in August 2014 in the Visual Interaction Research Group (VIRG) under the supervision of Dr. Poika Isokoski. My doctoral thesis is in the intersection of gaze-based Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and computer supported-cooperative work (CSCW).

During my time in academia, I worked in Haptic-Gaze Interaction (HAGI) project focusing on natural ways of combining gaze input with haptic feedback. Apart from the research work, I have worked as a teaching assistant to Dr. Päivi Majaranta in the implementation of Usability Evaluation Methods (UEM) course for 4 years (2014 - 2017).

I have overall 25+ peer-reviewed academic publications in top HCI venues in the broad areas of gaze tracking and its applications, CSCW, Haptics, Multimodal interaction with wearables (AR/VR) and Egocentric videos. I also review in leading HCI publication venues such as CHI, UBICOMP, TOCHI, NordiCHI, ETRA, MUM, ICMI etc.

Name Deepak Akkil
E-mail deepakakkil@gmail.com
Address Hitsaajankatu 9C 70, Helsinki, Finland
Phone +46 734409841

Research Interest

Gaze tracking

Education and experience